Cranes Roxu · Ctra. Santander 33199 Meres, Asturias, Spain. Tel. 985 793 636 · Fax. 985 794 048



The extension and construction of ports in the last few years has allowed us to acquire great experience regarding lifting and transport of the elements making up these works. At present we have cranes and transport equipment offering maximum safety.


CC1800 in the Port of Gijón (El Musel)LR 1750 in the Port of Laredo.AC 500 in the Port of Candás.LR1750 and CC1800 in the assembly of ship loading and unloading gantries in the new Terminal of El Ferrol.LTM 11200 in the works for reinforcement of the Port of Llanes.CC1800, AC500 and AC 300 launching a of 300-tonne ship.LR 1750 and AC 500 loading a 400-tonne reactor in the Dock of La Osa.CC 1800 in the Port of SaguntoTransport of 200-tonne blocks in the Port of Gijón.LR 1750 placing 300-tonne blocks in the Port of Gijón.LR 1750 in the Port of Laredo.

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